Biochar in Compost

Adding biochar activates the composting process by enhancing the activity of microorganisms, which raises the temperature, reduces composting time and speeds up stabilization of the compost.

The use of biochar during the compost process yields a product comparable to those obtained with mineral fertilizer additions with a lower environmental impact. 

More recently, researchers found that benefits of cocomposting with biochar far outweighed any drawbacks or side- ffects when compared with other amendments. The quality of biochar- ompost improves soil health and can boost crop yields.

To use biochar in the composting process, the material should be added just like any other composting ingredient using existing equipment.

The scientific literature and experience of composters indicates that the best ratio of biochar to compost is in the range of 5% to 10% by volume. Adding more than 20% or 30% is not recommended as an excessive amount can interfere with biodegradation.

Resource : DFB compost-sheet -

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