India BioChar and BioResources Network is a collaborative platform for individuals and institutions committed to circular agriculture models that significantly reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration, and improve farm-related livelihoods in India through efficient use of farm residues and other natural resources.


Soil degradation, climate change and rural distress are closely interlinked. More than 37 percent of India’s total arable land suffers from various forms of degradation as a result of loss of organic carbon, nutrient imbalance, the decline in soil biodiversity, and contamination with heavy metals and pesticides. The resulting increase in input costs and decreasing yield stability make agricultural livelihoods and food production more and more precarious. Farm residues which can be regularly recycled to replenish the soils are openly burnt further destroying the soil and contributing to large quantities of gaseous pollutants and aerosol particles to the atmosphere, having a significant impact on air quality, human health, and climate change.


IBBN is committed to methods of farming with nature, rather than against it. As a multi-stakeholder platform, IBBN promotes programs, research and policies that help Indian agriculture in the 21st century to move along the sustainability trajectory, and to establish the link between healthy soils, nutritional security, and a vibrant economy. IBBN facilitates a non-hierarchical cross sharing of ideas between farmers, researchers and policy makers to bridge the knowledge-policy-application gap and promote wide scale adoption of circularity principles in agriculture and voluntary carbon sequestration through BioChar and efficient use of natural resources. 


Be part of a global movement for planet friendly  agriculture and restoration of farm ecosystems.

  • Volunteer
  • Research
  • Innovate
  • Popularize
  • Fund soil restoration
  • Draft policy papers

Our Strategic interventions


Promote the adoption of circular agricultural principles across various climatic zones in India and create self-sustaining nodes of practice and innovation around progressive farmers.


Rigorous scientific enquiry and better access to information on Circular agriculture, BioChar and BioResources to help improve soil health and sequestration of carbon at scale.


A non-hierarchical platform for widespread training and peer to peer learning programs on sustainable agriculture models for farmers, researchers and civil society organizations.


Facilitate the mutual exchange of ideas and resources between multiple stakeholders across the globe to be able to think ahead on agriculture induced climate change.


Contribute to collective voices of reason for state policies and public funds in support of circular agriculture and putting atmospheric carbon back in to the soils.

In conversations with

The IBBN Secretariat is hosted by the Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network and Snehakunja trust, and supported by GIZ  – The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale.

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