IBBN News Letter - Vol 2

November 2022

Highlights of IBBN Newsletter Vol 2 : November 2022 

  • The 30by30 Biodiversity targets.
  • IBBN: 10 Steps to protect the best on Earth.
  • Does Biochar increase Soil Organic Carbon?
  • Priming Effect and Biochar.
  • Cowdung matters!
  • Akkadi Saalu – A scientific agricultural tradition of N. Karnataka.
  • Reviving Neglected & Underutilised plant Species.
  • Qualities of Neglected and underutilised plants.
  • Farm level production of Biochar.
  • From Aichi targets to the Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • IBBN’s expectations from COP15.
  • Picture gallery from the GIZ -supported ‘Managing Agricultural Soils as Carbon Sinks (MASCS) Project Workshop.

The IBBN Secretariat is hosted by the Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network and Snehakunja trust, and supported by GIZ  – The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale.

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